For the development of innovative projects, products, and solutions within companies.


Innovative solutions

Management, platforms, innovative tools. Discover our ready to go solutions to grow your business by designing digital transformation paths in your company or creating new experiences for your customers.


Customized projects

To improve the customer's experience, develop a platform, a POC (proof of concept) or integrate multiple solutions, create a new digital strategy: from the analysis of customer needs, to the design of more suitable technologies and applications to make their company project sustainable..



Together with our partners we plan training experiences aimed at spreading digital skills and managing innovation in companies. We organize workshops with the Startup Grind community to inspire and connect entrepreneurs.


Corporate Innovation

Coaching activities and innovative tools to structure, grow and easily tackle innovation paths, challenges related to change and create an innovation ecosystem around organizations.


Growth Strategies

We design and develop digital marketing strategies whose sole objective is growth. Based on the objectives, we choose the right channels to grow and develop your business. We design useful content to gain new customers and increase interest in your brand.


Innovation Culture

People value what makes sense to them. What does innovation mean? What tools can create new connections? The doubts, the ideas for reflection, the possibilities offered by the new technologies will be analyzed together, within our editorial project Philosophy of innovation and in every meeting branded Startup Grind.

We guide companies, people, and organizations in paths of innovation and digital transformation. A lean, smart, agile approach to create small innovation ecosystems within or around companies.


Startup Studio

(Startup, proof of concept, Partner project) Active projects supported or developed by Lascò involving internal startups, proof of concept and projects developed together with our Partners.

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